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UX/UI checklist to boost sales from your next Facebook campaign

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Social Media

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Chris Haines

A poor user experience (UX) can stand between you and more sales from your next Facebook campaign.

Here’s a checklist to make sure you take full advantage of the additional traffic you will be sending to your website.

  • A great product/service is a given. No amount of work on your UX/UI will save a bad product, but if the user has a poor experience, this only adds to the problem. 
  • A mobile optimised experience is non-negotiable. 40% of your traffic will be on a mobile device, so they can’t be pinching and zooming, looking for the purchase button. The buying process needs to be as seamless and frictionless as possible. 
  • Lightning fast loading time. If it takes longer than 4-5 seconds to load, the customer won’t hang around (use a service like Pingdom to test this). 
  • Simple sales process. The maximum steps you want to take someone through to make a purchase is 3 to 5 steps. Don’t add any more friction to the experience by making the customer fill out unnecessary information. 
  • Offer multiple payment options. A customer’s preferred method may be PayPal, Stripe, credit card, or Apple Pay (or even Bitcoin). Make it easy for them to buy. 
  • Easy navigation. The flow of the experience can have a huge impact on sales. Present your customer with all of the information they need about the product and a very clear way to purchase. 
  • Information hierarchy also comes into play here. Which order will you put the product title, photo, description, any testimonials or more detailed information? Where does the add to cart button sit? 
  • Cart abandonment is when a user adds a product to cart, but at some point exits the website without purchasing. Facebook can track at which point a customer who visited your website dropped off, and allow you to re-market to them.This is also a great way to test your whole UX. If you are seeing a large percentage of drop-off at a certain point in the sales process, there may be a problem with the experience. You can test different designs to try to reduce the drop-off and boost sales.

Start checking off some of these items before you run your next campaign.

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