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Apple iOS Updates – Key Actions You Can Take Today

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Social Media

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Val Staiger
(Photo Credit: easytautoagging.com )

Worried about the new iOS14 changes? We’ve got you covered.

The gloves have come off – It’s Facebook vs. Apple!

Facebook advertisers, listen up! 

This one is important and you can’t afford to look away because it WILL affect your business.

We’re providing you today with 5 concrete key actions web advertisers need to take before Apple’s enforcement in early 2021.

We will follow this up with 6 Key actions for App Advertisers soon, so stay tuned!


Apple has announced they will give consumers the choice to be tracked or not.

The changes that come with the IOS 14 update will affect how we receive and process conversion events.

Businesses that advertise mobile apps, as well as those that optimise, target and report on web conversion events from tools like the Facebook Pixel will be affected.

Here are 5 things that you can do NOW to prepare yourself for the iOS 14 update.

Action 1: Verify your Domain in Facebook Business Manager.

Action 2: Prepare for a world of only 8 conversion events per Facebook Pixel.

Once the iOS 14 privacy update starts we’ll only be able to optimise for a maximum of 8 conversions events.  

You will, however, still be able to create audiences for more than 8 events.

So make sure to define and prioritise those 8 events that are important to you. If you don’t refine conversion events yourself, prior to this update, Facebook will choose them for you.

Action 3: Attribution Window changes.

Facebook Ads Manager will only report on a 7-day post click and 1 -day post view attribution model.

Change to a 7-day attribution window today to get ready for upcoming changes and help you better understand how to analyse and optimise your future campaigns.

Action 4: Identify campaign optimisation strategies that may require testing. (ie. alternative audience options, different bidding strategies etc.)

Action 5: Comparing Facebook performance to GA will help you identify the average between the two tracking platforms.

At Yappy we will continue to keep on top of any changes ahead and will share these with our community. Whilst there is always a bit of uncertainty surrounding big changes we believe it also comes with a great deal of opportunity for businesses that look for better ways to do things.

In short – we’re excited about what’s ahead!

Wow, you made it. You’re a bit awesome.

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