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Moving beyond the ‘Boost Post’ button

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Social Media

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Kohen Grogan

It’s time to stop wasting money.

Social media marketing can be difficult and provide confusing results across different projects. One of the tried and true ways to see an improvement in a post is to click that big blue Boost Post button.

While boosting a post can help to gain more views and reach more people, ideally, moving towards a more strategic approach can save you both time and money on your ad campaigns. And while post boosting can seem like the automatic ‘win-button’, there is a far more effective option at your disposal.

One of the key areas to refine your social media targeting is the development of key audiences and having access to their data. Knowing who your customer is and what they like helps to shape your business’ strategy and will influence how you advertise. Luckily enough, social media marketing is the Michael Jordan of gathering consumer data.

Never before has there been a way to communicate with your existing and potential customers like we have today.

Facebook’s Business Manager has a variety of tools that are free-to-use for anyone with a Facebook account and allow for strategic targeting.

Custom Audiences

Let’s say you work at a shoe store and have a large email database to which you send out promotions. By uploading that database into Facebook Business Manager, you are able to target a large amount of that database on a platform that is used by over a billion people every day.

Uploading your customer’s data into Facebook is what you would call a Custom Audience. Once that custom audience’s information is uploaded, advertisers are able to remarket, upsell and cross-sell to that same audience.

This is a great method to communicate with customers who don’t always open their emails or haven’t interacted with your business in some time.

Lookalike Audiences

The second benefit of using an existing database is the ability to search for a completely new audience on social media who share many similar traits and characteristics of your already established audience.

This is what we would call a Lookalike Audience.

Lookalike Audiences allow you to multiply your potential audience by targeting people who behave and are similar demographically to your already existing customers.

Facebook’s vast database of consumer knowledge can be utilised to cut down on time and money spent on lead-generation and can be altered to how similar the audience will be, allowing for increased reach. And this is not just limited to your customers. Lookalike audiences can be created from people who like your Facebook page, visit your website or people that use your mobile app.

Core Audiences

Core Audiences are the final type of audience type at your disposal and is the default option for ad targeting. It is the easiest audience to wrap your head around. Creating an ad using a core audience is very similar to boosting a post.

You select demographic, location, interest and behaviour options and use that information to target to. The data that you use to target to an audience, however, will only be from information Facebook has stored, not utilising existing customer information you may have.

Because of these limitations, using Core Audiences are best reserved for marketing to a broad audience.

Hopefully, the above information has given you some helpful ideas on how to improve your targeting and will save you time and money once the systems have been learned. 

For more information on how Business Manager and strategic targeting works, visit Facebook Blueprint  for a large range of free courses to help improve your marketing efforts.

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