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Pro bono: Custom Social Campaign

#1 The Challenge

The Classroom of Hope is an innovative start-up charity, which aims to significantly impact poverty in developing countries by providing education for poor and vulnerable children. Brought together by a shared belief that social media applied with the right technology can make a huge impact, we were tasked with developing an innovative social media campaign to drive awareness and donations.

“The world consumes about 1.6 billion coffees a day and we thought we could tap into the coffee phenomenon and turn one of the worlds most consumed drinks into a force for good”
– Classroom of Hope Founder Duncan Ward
Duncan Ward

Our challenge was to find out whether one of the worlds most traded commodities could help solve one of the world’s biggest issues by raising a minimum of $40,000 in one month to ensure the continuation of the charity’s key projects.

The catch? The charity had


operating budget.

#2 Our Approach

The average cost of a single coffee in Australia is $4, which is enough to purchase a full set of textbooks for a child in Cambodia. This means 10 coffees could educate a child for a whole year, 250 coffees could build a new playground and 5,000 coffees could build a brand new school for 500 children.

Armed with the above knowledge we set about to create a first-of-its-kind social web application that not only told the story of how coffee could help solve one of the world’s biggest problems but allowed them to brew and purchase $4 virtual coffees and send them to their friends through Facebook.

We directed users to the application where they were met with a video to show them how purchasing a virtual coffee can help with the world’s education crisis.


The final element in the app was incorporated to show users how they were making a difference. We built a final page with a countdown function to show the progress of donations in contributing to building new schools in Cambodia.

#3 The Results

With no ad budget or external marketing campaigns, our Coffees of Hope app started with just four people sending virtual coffees to their friends. With the functionality to share the coffees on friends’ Facebook timelines, the campaign took off, with over $50,000 within one month! These funds have had a huge impact on education in rural Cambodia, providing support equivalent to 2.5 new schools and the opportunity for 1,500 children to receive the education we take for granted.

In addition to an outstanding fundraising achievement, the Coffees of Hope campaign generated a significant amount of interest and exposure for the charity, including:

  • Feature in ‘Staff Reads’ on and #Staffreads: A cup of coffee and a sprinkle of hope
  • Tweets from Virgin Group, Celebrity Photographer Russell James and many more
  • Deloitte internal newsletter
  • website article
  • Facebook posts by radio stations Nova 93.7 and 92.9FM
  • Radio interview on ABC Radio
  • Twitter reach of over 300,000 users
  • Facebook reach of over 500,000 users

Some impressive results for a campaign that began with just four people buying virtual coffees for their friends!

We are very proud to be involved as the digital partner of Classroom of Hope and are looking to go bigger and better for the 2015 Coffees for Hope campaign. If you would like to be involved with sponsorship for 2015, please feel free to contact us.

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